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Screw compressor maintenance

Time: 2020-09-02

Air inlet filter element maintenance and maintenance

Air cleaner are the components of an air filter dust dirt, filtered clean compressed air into the compression screw rotor cavity for screw machine internal clearance is only allowed within 15 u particle filter out if empty filter blocking damage, a large number of greater than 15 u particles into the screw machine cycle, will not only greatly shorten the service life of fine oil filter oil separation core, can also lead to a large number of particles directly into the bearing chamber, accelerate bearing wear make rotor clearance increases, the compression efficiency is lower, even rotor killed
Air filter maintenance every week best unscrewed the cap nut, remove the air filter element, with 0.2 0.4 MPa compressed air, outward from the empty filter chamber blow in air filter dust particles of the surface outside, with a clean cloth clean the dirt on the air filter shell inner wall back empty cartridge, let air filter of the front end of sealing ring with air filter shell end joint is tight
Notice:When cleaning or replacing the empty filter element, the components must be checked to prevent foreign matters from falling into the inlet valve. In ordinary times, the inlet telescopic pipe must be frequently checked to see if there is any damage and flat suction, and the connection port between the telescopic pipe and the empty filter inlet valve should be repaired and replaced in time if there is any loose air leakage

Replacement of oil filter

Generally, compressors are equipped with oil temperature protection settings. When the oil temperature exceeds 70°C, it will trip, causing the compressor to shut down frequently. The main reason for the high oil temperature is the failure of the oil cooler, which is generally caused by problems such as long and slender lubricating oil pipelines, which are easy to be clogged and scaled.

Frequent failure of air filter

After the new machine runs for 500 hours for the first time, the oil filter element should be replaced, the oil filter element should be removed with a special wrench, it is better to add screw oil before the new filter element is installed, the filter element seal should be returned to the oil filter base with both hands, tighten it firmly
It is better to replace the oil filter element at the same time when changing oil. It is forbidden to use the oil filter element beyond the deadline when using it in a bad environment. Otherwise, due to the serious blockage of the filter element and the pressure difference exceeding the limit of the bypass valve, the bypass valve will open automatically, and a large number of dirty particles will directly enter the screw host machine with random oil, causing serious consequences

Maintenance and replacement of fine oil separator

The fine oil separator is a component that separates screw lubricating oil from compressed air. Under normal operation, the service life of the fine oil separator is about 3000 hours. However, under severe service environment, it is necessary to shorten the maintenance and replacement cycle of the empty filter element, and it is even considered to add the pre-air filter
The fine oil separator shall be replaced when it expires or when the pressure difference between the front and rear exceeds 0.12mpa
Replacement method: remove the barrels of oil and gas cover the various control connectors are installed on the cover with barrels of oil and gas into barrels of oil and gas of the return pipe, barrel of oil and gas down the bolt cover removed barrels of oil and gas cover and remove the fine oil separator to remove the asbestos pad and the stick on the cover dirt into the new oil separator, pay attention to the fluctuation of asbestos pad must add nail order books, a compact asbestos pad must tidy up, otherwise it will cause shock pad installed on the back cover plate according to the sample return pipe each control tube, inspect for leaks

Maintenance and replacement of screw oil

Screw the oil depends on the performance of the injection screw machine has a decisive influence, good oil has good oxidation stability separation quickly clear bubble resistance high viscosity anti-corrosion performance is good, therefore, must use the special screw oil pure xinji first oil change period after 500 hours, 2000-4000 hours after each run
Replacement methods: starting compressor running 5 minutes, make the oil temperature rise to more than 50, oil viscosity drop stop running, when memory is 0.1 MPa pressure barrels of oil and gas, open the drain valve at the bottom of barrels of oil and gas, oil storage tanks play slowly open valve is connected, such as lubricating oil into dropwise closed after unscrew oil filter oil drain valve, put all the oil in the pipeline at the same time, change new oil filter refueling open the screw plug, inject new oil, the oil level in oil standard calibration range, refueling tighten the screw plug, check whether leakage phenomenon
Lubricating oil in use process, found that the oil level line is too low, should be timely added fresh oil, and must often discharge of condensed water, according to the local users in the use of actual humidity of the air condensed water discharge time setting, relatively humid areas can increase accordingly to ensure the adequacy of the condensed water discharge, discharge frequency should be in the case of see organic oil flow out again closed ball valve it is forbidden to different brand mix of lubricating oil, lubricating oil extended use of avoid by all means

Maintenance of cooler

Cooler cooling effect is good or bad, directly affect the use of the compressor temperature if the cooler is upright, maintenance need to use more than 0.4 MPa when dry compressed air from blowing outside, after the blow to clean up the dust particles within the ventilation hood, prevent again by the fan blowing into the jam in the cooler, high temperature caused by machine


In short, compressor faults are caused by a variety of reasons, and there are many causes. Only when we have a relatively comprehensive understanding of the compressor operating principle and component efficacy, timely replacement of three filters and one oil, and daily monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance can we prevent compressor faults in the first place If you wanna knoe more about screw air compressor, pls feel free contact Elang professional team.