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The Advantage of VSD Compressor

Time: 2017-06-14

The air compressor that uses the speed controller is unique in that the amount of output air  can be adjusted by changing the host speed of the air compressor. Air compressor host motor is controlled by the speed controller, commonly used speed controller has frequency converter or speed control motor controller (the following are usually referred to as frequency control). It is different from the traditional machine through the pressure of loading and unloading to achieve, so there with a higher efficiency.

In some of the air pressure loading using frequency control there are several other advantages:

1.Canceled gearbox and driven belt

When the speed of the motor changes, there is no need for a gearbox or belt drive, which can reduce the loss of mechanical power

2.The pressure can be controlled more precisely

When you need to have a more accurate pressure control, the use of frequency control can be guaranteed. In a separate installed air compressor, the frequency converter can be continuous operation, and output air pressure can be maintained in the error within 0.2BAR within a narrow range. With the traditional loading and unloading ON / OFF control, you can save about 2% of the energy, the traditional control pressure error is about 0.5BAR, the accuracy of natural low.

3.Reduce air consumption

When the loading average pressure is low, the use of frequency control can reduce the equipment leakage and reduce air consumption, 7.0BAR typical air consumption can be reduced by about 2%.

Frequency control is ideal for controlling loading equipment with variable pressure, and the air compressor can provide full capacity supply. But in the need to provide full loading operation (that is, when the rated power running) frequency control speed does not have the advantage, but more power consumption, the increase is mainly used for the inverter itself, power consumption.