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The causes and solutions of air compressor loading without compressing

Time: 2016-09-06

1. the intake valve is not open:

When the air compressor starts working, it will first create internal pressure slowly. When the pressure reaches 5Bar (most of the air compressor is with such pressure, except special ones), the solenoid valve control cylinder open the inlet valve, the air compressor intake air and enter loading state, there are three possible reasons why the compressor does not inlet air, the solenoid valve (circuit, valve, pipe) , cylinder (valve or diaphragm, sealing, pipe), intake valve (valve or diaphragm, sealing, pipeline) failure .

2. air compressor false load:

Air compressor false load is mainly due to the output point of the PLC failure, when PLC has output point failure in operation, there is no signal given to the solenoid valve, which will cause the air compressor does not operate. Maintenance PLC need professional air compressor maintenance engineers, none professionals do not recommend random demolition.

3. minimum pressure check valve failure:

The minimum pressure check valve is the most easy to judge whether the fault occurs, when the internal pressure is very high, but there is no air output, we can determine the minimum pressure valve failure. The best way to it is to replace the pressure check valve.