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The ideal working environment for air compressors

Time: 2016-11-30

For air compressor, the ideal working environment should meet the following conditions:

1.temperature: under normal circumstances, the higher the temperature, the lower the air compressor exhaust, and the exhaust temperature is more difficult to control. Therefore, the ideal working environment temperature should be lower than 40℃. But it also can not be too low, because if the temperature is below 0℃, it is likely to cause cooling of water ice.

2. air humidity: the higher the air humidity, air moisture content is higher, air compressor work pressure is greater. So the air humidity must be low.

3. air compressor room must be open, daylighting is definitely better, so it is easy to operation and maintenance;

4. air quality is high: air quality for air compressor is very large, not only will affect the quality of compressed air, but also will affect the working efficiency of air compressor, accessories, lubricating oil service life and so on.

5. cooling water quality is good: for the water cooling air compressor, the quality of the cooling water (such as acid and alkali, hardness, etc.) will seriously affect its cooling effect, thus affecting the air compressor working efficiency.

6. ventilation is good: for air compressor, ventilation is very good or bad is very important, good ventilation is conducive to the work of the cooling system