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Tips and Attention of Air Compressor Lubricating Oil

Time: 2017-03-17

As the “blood ” of modern industrial, industrial lubricating oil is the key of machining. In the moment of industrial enterprises pursue the “Optimization of production and cost”. How to make better use of lubricating oil, maximize use it efficiently, is the important problem facing companies.


Lubricating oil quality, directly related to the efficiency of machining, so we should choose carefully, please see the following tips when choosing the lubricating oil:

1. According to your equipment model, working condition of the equipment to choose the different kind of lubricating oil.

2. We’d better choose multistage oil,it will be better protected of the equipment.

3. According to the temperature and the load to choose the viscosity of the lubricating oil.


In addition, please pay attention to the following items when using industrial lubricating oil:

1.Strengthen industrial lubricating oil receiving inspection. If there is any qualified certificate, date of production and use, tight packaging , etc.

2.In transportation and storage, not only avoid close to the fire and high temperature, but also avoid water, dust and mechanical impurities mixed inside.

3.Before first time adding oil, we should clean the equipment thoroughly,ensure that the selected oil had replacement the whole system clearly.

4.Add oil as equipment request every time.


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