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Tips for Screw Compressors Running in High Temperature Seasons

Time: 2017-07-18

Main effects of high ambient temperature to screw compressors:
1. The higher temperature, the thin air inlet, it will cause the compressor lower efficiency and more times during loading, thus more heat during loading and high discharge temperature.
2. Normally compressors have the designed running temperature, when the ambient temperature is higher than the designed temperature, the compressor will stop for protection.

Other mechanical failure:

screw compressor in high temperature seasons

1.Oil cut off valve failure
2.Oil filter failure
3.Thermostat valve
4.Cooler not working normally
5.Air end failure
6.Air filter failure
7.Oil separator blocked
8.Temperature sensor abnormal to read the data.

Moreover, insufficient lubricating oil capacity, bad quality lubricating oil, and impropriety oil viscosity choose will also cause the high discharge of compressed air.

To reduce upon failures and chance of high discharge temperature, we can pay attention to following points:
1.When install the compressor, consider proper distance between the air compressor, air tank, air dryer, and air filters as enough heat dissipation space and maintenance space during equipment running. Install the exhaust fan when necessary for the compressor room. If the compressor installed outdoor, consider the dustproof, waterproof, antifreeze, anti-exposure for compressors.
2.Proceed regular maintenance for the compressors and after treatment equipment.
3.Choose the proper consumable spare parts including the filter elements and separate elements and lubricating oil:
1)Choose proper viscosity lubricating oil according the installation site conditions and running conditions.
2)Choose good thermo oxidative stability lubricating oil to reduce the oil sludge.
3)Choose good separating property lubricating oil to have better lubricating efficiency and better separating effect.
4)Consider the water resistance of lubricating oil especially for the places with high humidity.
5)Regular check and track for the lubricating oil during different period to understand the potential problems and failures.