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What is the basic principle when select compressor?

Time: 2016-09-13

1. The basic norms of selecting the air compressor is the economy reliability and security.


2. The following questions should be paid attention to:


a. Consider the level of exhaust pressure and air delivery


b. Air delivery is one of the main parameters of air compressor, air delivery of compressor should be matched with need, and left with 10% margin.


c. To consider the use of gas situations and conditions. If small venues, should select vertical compressor. If there is a change in long-distance case, it should be considered mobile. If the case electric cannot be supplied, you should choose the diesel-driven. If the occasion is no running water, you must select air-cooled.


d. Air-cooled, water-cooled two cooling methods, each having its characteristics. Air –cooled compressor is more than 90% for small compressor. This is because the simple design of the air-cooled, no need water. The disadvantage of water-cooled compressor is: There must be a complete water wastewater systems, large investment. shorter life of Water cooler.. cylinders are also easily damaged by frost in the northern winter.  Will waste a lot of water during normal operation.