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What matters should be paid attention to when Screw Compressors running ?

Time: 2016-08-04



1. Abnormal sound or abnormal vibration when running, it should be shut down immediately.

2. Pressure exist in the whole pipe, bolt plugs cannot be opened as well as unnecessary valves, such as traps, drain valve.

3. In operation, if find no oil in the oil level gauge, and oil temperature gradually rises, it should be shut down immediately. Observe the oil level after 5min stop (pressure gauge to zero) , if the fuel shortage, add oil when no pressure inside the system.

4. The automatic trap operation should be checked if it is normal from time to time, otherwise the water will be brought to the system.

5. The oil barrel should sewage water once each week, the unit cannot be out-of-operate for long time, at least more than 2H every week.

6. Do not operate the compressor where may inhale combustible or toxic gases.

Definitely not clogged air compressor intake port during operation. Absolutely not using the compressed air for breathing unless indicated to do so.

7. Do not work under the pressure which is more than which showing on nameplate, try not to work under the pressure which is lower than which showing on nameplate.


8.All doors must be closed during operation.