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What’s the Lubricating Oil Functions In Screw Air Compressor

Time: 2022-12-05

Oil injected screw air compressor is a kind of double screw air compressor, which refers to a type of air compressor whose compression chamber sprays lubricating oil while compressing air and is separated in the subsequent work process.
The vast majority of double screw air compressors on the market are of this type. It is widely used because of its low vibration, low noise, good efficiency, simple maintenance and high intelligence. 
The reason why the oil injection screw compressor has become the mainstream of the air compressor is also due to the many benefits of "oil injection". its functions as below:

1. The male rotor of the screw air compressor drives the female rotor to rotate, while the lubricating oil sprayed into the compression chamber forms an oil film on the rotor surface, which avoids the direct contact between the male and female rotors and greatly reduces the friction.
Therefore, oil injection screw does not need synchronous gear, while dry oil-free screw must have synchronous gear to avoid and reduce friction. therefore the air end structure of the injection screw is greatly simplified.

2. By skillfully using the pressure difference generated in its own air circuit process, lubricating oil is continuously injected into the compression chamber and bearing position, simplifying the structure again.

3. The injected lubricating oil can increase the air tightness. On the one hand, the sealing effect of the volume between the teeth formed between the male and female rotors is increased, and on the other hand, the sealing of the fit clearance between the rotor and the casing and end face is also strengthened, effectively improving the volume efficiency of the air compressor.
Therefore, the rotation speed of the oil injection screw can be much lower than that of the dry oil-free screw, and the dry oil-free screw must have a higher speed to compensate for the leakage loss. The energy efficiency of the oil injection screw is much higher.

4. The injected lubricating oil is fully mixed with the compressed high-temperature air to form an oil gas mixture. After oil separation and cooling in the subsequent process, it is injected into the air end again to participate in the compression process again.
In other words, the lubricating oil takes away most of the heat generated in the compression process and effectively controls the temperature of the compressor within a certain range. It can be said that lubricating oil is the main controller of compressor temperature.

5. The lubricating oil effectively reduces the high-frequency noise generated in the compression process.

To sum up, the "oil injection" of oil injection screw air compressor is not only the apparent feature of this type of compressor, but also the typical technical feature of this type of air compressor. Elang air compressor is famous for the stable running and high energy saving efficiency. We have been exported to more than 100 countries. Warmly welcome to send us inquiry.

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