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When the screw air compressor discharged gas containing oil

Time: 2020-09-08

In some special industry production of screw air compressor exhaust gases have higher requirements, especially the textile enterprises and the food industry, require the oil content of compressed air is especially low, basically achieved basically oil-free compressed air then when screw air compressor exhaust oil fault occurs, how should we solve this problem? I take you to analyze the main reasons for the failure of the exhaust oil


1.The oil and gas separation core is damaged

In screw air compressor running process, oil separation phenomenon of cartridge case of damage, such as breakage perforation, then it will lost the function of the separation of oil and gas that is mixed gas and the compressor exhaust pipe straight through, so a lot of oil has not been isolated, will as the gas is expelled the body together, creates in the exhaust process with oil


2.The return pipe failed

In the working process of the screw compressor, is shouldering the important responsibility of return pipe road, oil separation inside the core and the compressor imports would form a pressure difference, in this under the action of pressure difference, to the bottom of the pipe line is responsible for the oil separation core oil transfer back to the compressor, if continue to use in the process of the next cycle back to oil plugging fracture and incorrect installation problems, will not be able to separate the oil core gathered at the bottom of the oil transfer back to compressor, caused by the bottom of the backlog of too much oil, so this part of the oil will, as the gas discharge, will appear in the process of exhaust with oil


3.System pressure control is too low

In screw compressor during operation, the system pressure control is too low, will cause the gas inside the separator speed too fast, so the role of the separator is not fully reflected, can cause to the next link separator gas inside the core of high oil content, is beyond the scope of its separation, has led to the separation of oil and gas is not complete, appeared in the process of the compressor exhaust oil fault


4.Minimum pressure valve failure

In the running process of screw compressor, the role of the minimum pressure valve is to ensure that the system pressure is controlled above the minimum pressure during the running process. If the minimum pressure valve fails, the system's minimum pressure will not be guaranteed, resulting in the oil fault in the flat exhaust process


5.Too much cooling oil is added to the compressor

In front of the screw compressor operation, to join the cooling oil too much, so in the process of the operation of the compressor, due to the oil level is too high, although separation system to isolate the oil and gas, but in the gas emissions will also involved in the cooling oil gas emissions, the emissions of high oil content, with oil problems

6.The cooling oil is not up to standard

Before the compressor runs, unqualified cooling oil is added, or the cooling oil exceeds the applicable time, and the cooling effect cannot be achieved. In this case, during the running process of the screw compressor, the cooling oil loses its function and the oil and gas cannot be cooled and separated. Therefore, oil fault is bound to occur in the exhaust process


After knowing the cause of oil in compressed air, we can know how to deal with the fault. The following are some common fault solutions

Oil separation core damage problem

Oil separation core damage is a common phenomenon, so before the operation of the screw compressor need to inspect the equipment, in use process should be strictly carried out in accordance with the operating instructions, maintenance of equipment after use should be regularly found damaged oil separation core and perforation phenomenon, should be replaced in a timely manner, and ensure the normal operation of the equipment

There is a problem with the return circuit

During the operation of the equipment, if the return oil circuit is blocked, the pressure drop of the separator shall be checked first. If there is no problem with the pressure drop, the core of the oil separator shall be cleaned. If the core of the oil separator is fractured, it shall be replaced in time

Low system pressure control problem

For operators, they should be familiar with the control pressure of the equipment and reduce the load of the system when problems are found so that the system pressure can reach the rated working pressure

Minimum pressure valve failure problem

In the actual operation, if the minimum pressure valve is found to be invalid, it must be replaced, and the work shall be carried out after the replacement

The problem of adding too much cooling oil to compressor

When adding cooling oil to the compressor, the theoretical value of how much cooling oil should be added to the equipment should be known first. A special person should be responsible for the addition of cooling oil, which should generally be controlled below the middle of the viewing mirror

Quality problem of cooling oil

For cooling oil added should be in strict accordance with the requirements of the device for cooling oil added, because different devices is different to the requirement of cooling oil should be recorded after add add time, wait for after cooling oil to use period, should be on time to replace it to add cooling oil quality is qualified should strictly control, put an end to add unqualified cooling oil