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Why is Your Air Compressor Overheating? Common Causes and Solutions

Time: 2023-06-30

When the screw air compressor is overheating, it can lead to the following consequences:

1. Decreased operational efficiency: High temperatures can cause a decline in the operational efficiency of a screw air compressor. The heat interferes with the compression process, making it more challenging to achieve the desired pressure and flow rate.
2. Compressor failure: Excessive temperatures can result in damage to critical components of the screw air compressor, such as bearings and seals. This can lead to compressor failure, resulting in increased downtime and maintenance costs.
3. Oil degradation: Elevated temperatures can cause degradation and breakdown of the lubricating oil in the screw air compressor. This reduces lubrication performance, increases friction and wear, and may even lead to oil leaks.
4. Increased energy consumption: High temperatures cause an increase in energy consumption by the screw air compressor. To maintain the required operating temperature, the compressor needs to consume more energy, thereby raising operational costs.
5. System-wide failure propagation: If the temperature of the screw air compressor remains excessively high and is not addressed promptly, it can have negative effects on the entire compressed air system. High temperatures can spread to other components, leading to further failures and damages.

Therefore, maintaining the temperature of the screw air compressor within the normal range is crucial to avoid the aforementioned consequences.

What are the causes of air compressor, and how to deal with them?

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1. Ambient temperature: If the ambient temperature exceeds the designed operating environment temperature of the air compressor, it will elevate the temperature of the air compressor, causing it to reach or even surpass the compressor's shutdown temperature, resulting in high temperatures.
2. The air compressor system is short of oil: After shutdown and pressure relief, when the lubricating oil is static, the oil level should be slightly higher than the high oil level mark H (or MAX). During equipment operation, the oil level shall not be lower than the low oil level mark L (or MIX). If the oil quantity is insufficient or the oil level cannot be observed, stop the machine immediately for refueling.
3. The oil stop valve (cut-off valve) does not work normally: If the element is not opened when loading, the main engine will heat up rapidly due to lack of oil, and the screw assembly will be burned in serious cases.
4. Oil filter problem: If the oil filter is blocked and the bypass valve is not opened, the air compressor oil will not reach the machine air end.
5. Thermostat valve fails to work: If the thermal control valve fails, the lubricating oil may enter the machine air end directly without the cooler, thus the oil temperature cannot drop, causing overheating.
6. Check whether the fuel volume regulator is normal, and properly increase the fuel injection volume if necessary
The fuel injection quantity has been adjusted when the equipment leaves the factory, and should not be changed under normal circumstances.
7. The engine oil is out of service and deteriorated
The oil fluidity becomes poor, and the heat exchange performance decreases. The heat of the air compressor head cannot be completely taken away, resulting in high temperature of the air compressor.
8. Check whether the oil cooler works normally / whether the cooling water inlet temperature is too high, and whether the water pressure and flow are normal
9. Air cooler fan problem: The problem with the fan of the air cooler is that the fan does not turn, the fan is in reverse phase, and only one of the two fans is on.
10. Problems with the exhaust duct installed by the air-cooled model customer
There are exhaust ducts with too small ventilation surface, too long exhaust ducts, too many middle bends of exhaust ducts, too long exhaust ducts, and too many middle bends. Whether there is an exhaust fan installed, and the flow of the exhaust fan is less than the original cooling fan of the air compressor.
11. The temperature sensor reading is incorrect
12. Computer reading is inaccurate
13. Air end problem: If the wear of the bearing increases, the heat production of the head of the air compressor will increase, resulting in high temperature of the air compressor.
14. Incorrect specification or poor quality of lubricating oil
The lubricating oil of screw machine is strictly required and cannot be substituted at will. The requirements in the equipment operation manual shall prevail.
15. Check whether the air filter is blocked

Generally, the first problem caused by clogging of air filter is the reduction of air production, and the high temperature of air compressor is the secondary performance.