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Working principle of heat recovery air compressor

Time: 2016-12-29

The heat energy is transferred to the normal temperature water through the heat exchange, and the heat energy utilization is realized. The motor drives the screw air end to rotate, the air passes through the air filter, and is compressed into the high pressure air in the screw compressor, and the mixture of the high pressure and high temperature oil and gas is mixed with the circulating oil to enter the oil and gas separator. Oil and gas mixture is separated into oil and gas and air, the compressed through an air cooler heat supply to the users; and circulating oil and gas are separated in the oil and gas separator, condenses into liquid, the cooler and filter, back to the compressor to complete a cycle. Compressor heat hot water unit is the high temperature oil circulation (and high temperature compressed air into the heat water unit, heat generated by the air compressor operation process is machine heat hot water is fully absorbed, and compressor to be cool.